California Institute Of Game Development
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  • Write applications using assembly
  • Learn instruction sets of different processors
  • Understand underlying computer architecture
  • Basic hardware design
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3D Math

  • Learn about collision primitives and how they interact
  • Learn Newtonian Physics Movement
  • Supporting Calculus And How To Apply It To Gameplay
  • Space partitioning. BSP Trees, OctTrees
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Object Oriented Programming

  • Engine architecture
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract Base Classes
  • Object oriented design patterns
  • C/C++ and other C-like Languages
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Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Stacks, Arrays, Queues, Linked Lists, Binary Trees, Heaps
  • Heapsort, Binary Sort, Mergesort, Hash Tables, Hash Algorithms
  • Algorithms, Pathfinding, A*, Map Traversal, Discrete Transformations
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Gameplay And Design

  • Learn How To Apply Programming Knowledge To Gameplay And Design
  • Learn The Secrets Of Good Video Game Design
  • Work With A Collection Of Tools To Make Your Own Game
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