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Robert Thompson is currently the Technical Director on King's Quest, developed by The Odd Gentlemen, a subsidiary of Activision. King's Quest peaked as the hottest game on GameStop, has a metacritic score of eighty two, and topped the charts of best sellers on Steam.

Robert has been programming for about thirty years now having started at the young age of eight and has been programming professionally in the video game industry for over fifteen years. It was the Atari 2600 that caused him to fall in love with video games, influenced by the classic greats such as Donkey Kong, Pacman, Pitfall (on a side note he had the very exciting opportunity to work with David Crane, the creator of Pitfall. ), Kaboom, and the list goes on into infinity.

Based on the fact that video games encompass so many fantastic disciplines, it was immediately after graduating from college with a degree in Math that he decided video games were his calling. There is the very complex technical aspect which includes logic, complex algorithms, advanced programming and debugging, artificial intelligence, etc... There is music which really pushes the creative side of the brain. Art and Design really link the creative and technical aspects. It is truly a discipline like no other.

Throughout his career of working on games including Golden Tee Golf, Delta Force: Blackhawk Down, Agent P. Doofendash, Cabela's Deer Hunter, Big Strike Bowling he has been able to utilize his well developed sense of engineering and apply knowledge of physics, calculus, 3D math to create these games.

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