California Institute Of Game Development
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Learn To Program Video Games With a AAA Game Developer

  • Work with the Technical Director of King's Quest
  • King's Quest Peaked as Game Stop's hottest game
  • Work with someone who has over thirty years of experience, nearly twenty professionally
  • Credits include Golden Tee Golf, Delta Force Black Hawk Down, Phineas and Ferb(Agent P Doofendash), Cabella's Deer Hunter.

Discover The Intellect In Video Games

The number one response I hear when mentioning I create video games, by a huge margin, is "How fun!". That is true. Video games are a lot of fun, but they also encompass a wide range of knowledge. An elite level video game programmer will have extensive knowledge of programming, mathematics, physics, computer science, artificial intelligence and engineering. They are always called to draw upon this knowledge and implement systems quickly and accurately so they are also known as some of the best programmers.

Changing The Education Paradigm

California Institute of Game Development is a revolutionary way of going about education. Learn programming from the comfort of your own home or anywhere there is an internet connection. Thanks to the technology of video conferencing, it is like being in the room with a veteran instructor. Even better than being in the room, screen sharing and remote desktop allow instant communication.

Programming is an extremely complex discipline so having an instructor who has shipped chart topping games just a click away can get you to a seasoned proficient programmer much more quickly. Concepts that could take days or weeks to figure out can be learned in hours. It is not necessarily the complexity of an issue that might be a time drain, but rather not knowing what you do not know.

Despite the complexity of the discipline, all programming and math concepts can be boiled down to simple boolean logic. If one can learn if A is true and B is false, then A and B must be false, then one can learn to program a computer. It is the combination of these concepts that leads to extraordinarily complex problems and it is the creativity of software engineers that convert these concepts into the games you see today.

The courses taught here are geared toward video games, however the programming concepts apply to all software engineering disciplines. Clean well architected and efficient code is necessary to succeed for any software engineering project.

Learn from a passionate instructor who loves software, loves making video games, and has succeeded at the highest level with the biggest publisher in the world.

Age Requirements

Coming from someone who started programming games as early as eight years of age and was learning calculus soon after, it would be quite hypocritical to set an age requirement. Anyone who is motivated and has a love of video games or engineering in general is encouraged to apply. It is good to have a solid foundation in Math and English, but intelligence trumps knowledge and age.

Start Creating The Next Generation Of Software Today

  • Do You Dream Of Making Video Games For A Living?
  • Do You Start A Project And Then Feel So Overwhelmed You Never Finish?
  • Do You Look At All The Tech And Then Don't Even Know Where To Begin?
  • Do You Think That There Is Magic Going On Inside Your Computer To Make The Cool Things It Does?

Identify Your Goals As A Programmer

You can be the most brilliant programmer and be studying with the most intelligent instructor ever, but if you do not have goals, you surely will not accomplish them. Employers or colleagues want to know why they should work with you. Having tangible results and being able to speak intelligently about them will give you a leg up on your competition.

Set Up A Plan To Achive Those Goals

A good first step is working with someone who has already accomplished similar goals to your own. When you start out, you do not know what you do not know. Having someone inform you of that and streamline the knowledge that you need to have can get you to where you want to be a lot quicker than without that tutelage.

Realize Your Goals With A Pro

In a field where eighty percent of games get cancelled, wouldn't it be nice to work with someone who has a one hundred percent success rate as project lead? The fact is it is exciting to be making games, but with that it can be easy to get lost in that and lose focus. A clear direction is necessary to succeed in a very competitive industry.